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'Jersey Shore' star Deena Cortese defends herself after being shamed for baby's car seat photo

The reality TV star didn't even make it home from the hospital before facing criticism.
Deena Cortese/baby
Deena Cortese's son CJ looked snug in a photo she shared while preparing to leave the hospital Monday. But was he safe? That's the debate on social media.deenanicolemtv/Instagram
/ Source: TODAY

Deena Cortese became a first-time mother on Saturday, and by Monday, she experienced her very first round of mom-shame on social media.

It all started when the "Jersey Shore" star shared photos of her, husband Christopher Buckner and their newborn son, Christopher John, aka CJ, as they prepared to leave the hospital.

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In two of the shots, little CJ could be seen strapped into his car seat while wearing a warm and snugly outfit — a combination that fans and followers were quick to speak out about.

The concern stemmed from that cozy garment, which some believed was a jacket or a coat. As many noted in the comments — with varying degrees of kindness — thick winter wear can be a hazard when worn under the straps of a car seat.

It's a risk that Dr. Benjamin Hoffman, the medical director of the Tom Sargent Safety Center at Doernbecher Children's Hospital in Portland, Oregon, spoke to TODAY about.

"Anything between the child and the straps is compressible; it’s like having space, which creates more risk that the child could thrust forward into the straps in the event of a crash," Hoffman said.

But according to Cortese, the hubbub in the 4000-plus comments that followed her post was uncalled for because CJ's outfit was just a onesie.

"It’s not a jacket .. it’s a onesie and hospital approved it," she wrote in an updated caption alongside the pics. "We’re not perfect but we got this. thank you for the concerns."

However, if she thought that edit would put an end to the warnings and critiques, she was wrong.

While some continued to call her out on what they referred to as a "clearly too thick and dangerous" onesie, others turned their attention to other safety points, noting that the straps around CJ's legs were "loose as f---!"

The good news is that CJ made it home safe and sound, as later photos showed.