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Jerry Seinfeld's wife, Jessica, opens up about what kind of dad he is

The comedian "wasn’t a natural" at first, but he's come a long way as a father.
/ Source: TODAY

Jessica Seinfeld, the wife of comedian Jerry Seinfeld, is opening up about what a great dad he is — but to hear her tell it, it, that wasn't always the case.

"He’s an incredible father. But the nicest way to say this is that he wasn’t a natural when our kids were born," Jessica told Parents magazine. "He wasn’t immediately pushing strollers and carrying babies. He jokes that it took him a good 10 years to warm up."

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Jerry Seinfeld and his wife, cookbook author Jessica Seinfeld, in 2019. The couple married in 1999 and share three children.Mark Sagliocco / WireImage

The bestselling cookbook author, 48, said her husband's busy comedy schedule left her handling much of the early parenting alone. That changed when the couple's three kids — daughter Sascha, 19, and sons Julian, 17, and Shepherd, 14 —became teenagers.

"He travels often and usually over weekends, so a lot of the early caretaking, sports, and activities were left to me," she said, adding, "But Jerry’s strength is now, with our three teenagers. He’s patient with them."

"Where I am weaker, he is stronger, and we complement each other. I wouldn’t change anything," she added.

As for Jerry, 66, he's just proud he didn't turn out to be the kind of dad who hassles his daughter's boyfriends.

“I really was determined not to be those dads. I hated those dads when I was a kid dating and you would go to a girl’s house and the father would be so mean and I don’t want to be that guy," the funnyman told People last June.

"You feel those feelings. You feel possessive and protective but I refuse to be one of those disapproving dads," he added.

The "Seinfeld" alum, who jokes about family life in his new Netflix comedy special, also revealed one of his and Jessica's most memorable parenting moments, which happened when their daughter was a little girl.

"When Sascha’s first goldfish died, we replaced it without telling her because we couldn’t handle the emotional,” he said. “We snuck another goldfish into the bowl."