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Jennifer Garner teaches her daughter's class a history lesson as only she can do

"Teacher: Wanna be a fifth grade room mom? Me: Sure!"
/ Source: TODAY

After all her years in show business, Jennifer Garner knows a lot about fans.

And it turns out that there's more than one kind of fan the "Alias" actress understands!

In a funny throwback video on Instagram, Garner shared part of a history lesson she gave her 11-year-old daughter's class in May. Her lesson included uses of the folded fan in American colonial society:

Garner wrote out a little dialogue in the caption: "Teacher: Wanna be a fifth grade room mom? Me: Sure! Teacher: Want to teach the girls Genteel Refinement to close out their unit on Colonial history? Me: Heck yeah, I do. Teacher: Well shoot, I guess it will be over Zoom."

Jennifer Garner
Jennifer Garner turns the world on with her smile, and her adorable videos.Stefanie Keenan / Getty Images

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And so it was. Garner, 48, put on her best costume and white bonnet, pulled out a blue folding fan and, as we see in the video, offered up instruction to her daughter Seraphina's classroom. (No word on whether she repeated the instruction for her other children, Violet, 14, and Samuel, 8.)

"This can mean, 'How do you do,'" she twitters in the video, facing the laptop and showing off the fan's many uses. "This can mean, 'Isn't it warm out?' This can mean, 'I don't want them to see what we're talking about, but can you believe the bonnet upon Mistress Patience?'"

The Instagram caption indicated through emojis that Seraphina was less than enthused at her mom's performance — but Garner's Instagram followers adore her quirky little videos (as do we). Whether she's feeding her chickens, walking through a recipe on her "Pretend Cooking Show," or facing rejection while handing out baby food samples, we always appreciate her self-deprecating efforts.

Even if her daughter doesn't!