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Jennifer Garner has her hands full (literally) in pic every mom can relate to

The mother of three offered her fans and followers a peek at what it looks like "every single time" she gets out of the family car.
/ Source: TODAY

Being a busy mom often includes shuttling kids to and from school, games, recitals, camp and more — but it's not just the little ones who fill up the family car.

As Jennifer Garner illustrated in a recent Instagram pic, every trip back home includes carrying in an armful (and even a mouthful) of all the other things that hitched a ride.

On Monday, the mom of three posted a photo of herself as she entered her home, with (among other items) a notebook under one arm, a bottle balanced in the crook of her elbow, a phone gripped between two fingers, handouts between other fingers and a cold coffee in her right hand — all while using her teeth to transport a trucker cap.


"Every single time I get out of the car," she wrote alongside the all-too-relatable scene. "How? Why?"

The "why" part can be summed up as Violet, 12, Seraphina, 9, and Samuel, 6 — aka the children she and ex-husband Ben Affleck share.

And if it sounds like she's complaining about juggling all the accessories of motherhood every time she steps over the threshold, rest assured, she's not.

Just to make that perfectly clear, after adding a #notstaged hashtag, she also threw in #notaproblem, #ivegotit and #iknowyoufeelme.

Of course, the kids and the daily car-to-house struggle aren't the only things that keep the actress and aspiring chef busy these days.

Garner, an animal lover, also considers herself a "chicken mom," and even found time to celebrate her birds' birthday last month — complete with a "bug cake."