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By Steve Veres

Harper Estelle Wolfeld Gosk made her TODAY debut Thursday morning with her moms, sleeping in TODAY Jenna Wolfe's arms next to Stephanie Gosk.

"This is the greatest gift," Jenna, a weekend TODAY anchor, said. "Anyone who's a parent understands what I'm talking about."

Stephanie, an NBC News correspondent, was just as joyous. 

"We get paid in our jobs to come up with the right words, and all I keep saying is 'Wow.'" Stephanie explained. "I can't find the words."



Harper was born Aug. 21 at 7:31 p.m. weighing seven pounds, 13 ounces. 

She's named for Jenna's grandmother. "No matter what we were always going to have Estelle in the name." And she and Stephanie "fell in love" with the name Harper. "It's the perfect combination of athleticism, and gentleness, and kindness, and beauty and a little TV moxie."

And what's up with Wolfeld? That's Jenna Wolfe's actual last name. "It's out of the bag," Jenna said. Harper's "not ready for a TV name quite yet," Jenna joked. "But if she ever wakes up and starts doing something TV related, perhaps we can give her something."