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Jenna Bush Hager shows daughter Mila that Mommy works too

What does TODAY correspondent Jenna Bush Hager do all day at work? Nothing, according to her 4-year-old daughter, Mila!
/ Source: TODAY

What does Jenna Bush Hager do all day at work? Nothing, according to her daughter, Mila!

Jenna brought her sweet 4-year-old daughter to TODAY’s Studio 1A on Thursday after she begged her mom to “pleeeeeeease” bring her to work that day.

Mila made herself right at home, running straight into the arms of Savannah Guthrie, who happens to live next door along with Mila’s BFF, and Savannah’s 3-year-old daughter, Vale.

Getting silly with Savannah!Nathan Congleton / TODAY

Mila also got to play with TODAY’s puppy with a purpose, Charlie.

Playing with Charlie!Nathan Congleton / TODAY

Her behavior was top-notch, but Jenna hinted to what might have helped.

“She’s had a lot of lollipops,” she said.

Jenna's impromptu decision to bring Mila to work came after her daughter pleaded with her earlier that morning. But she also admitted she had selfish reasons for bringing her along.

“She says to me sometimes, ‘Daddy does everything, and Mommy does nothing. Mommy doesn’t go to work, Daddy goes to work,'" Jenna said.

And Mila admitted it was true. When her mother asked her, “What do you think I’m doing here?” the young girl spoke her heart.

“Nothing," she said with a sweet smile.

Mila envisions herself as a future TODAY anchor.TODAY

But Sheinelle Jones was happy for the extra hands on set — and the great vibes she brought with her.

“When Mila walked in, she had this burst of children, joy, positivity,” she said.

Cheese! Jenna takes a selfie with Mila and Sheinelle.TODAY

No word yet on whether Jenna might bring in Mila's little sister, Poppy, to the studio. Since the girl is only a year old (her second birthday is next month), she may have to wait her turn!