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Watch Jenna Bush Hager's daughters learn they're getting a baby brother!

Jenna's little girls got the good news on Easter Sunday — and you can watch the sweet scene for yourself.
/ Source: TODAY

Jenna Bush Hager's daughters, Mila, 6, and Poppy, 3, had a very happy Easter thanks to one big treat. And it wasn't a chocolate bunny.

While opening their plastic eggs to see what was inside, they learned the same good news Jenna shared on the show Monday morning. There's a new member of the family on the way!

Jenna and her husband, Henry Hager, captured the amazing moment on camera.

"What do you guys want the very most in the whole world?" Jenna could be heard asking the girls in the clip.

"A toy?" Mila guessed.

When Mom asked what they'd "been praying for," Mila got the hint.

"A baby?" she wondered, waiting for confirmation.

That's when Mom passed her a silver egg to open. Inside it contained a slightly cryptic message about "a baby brother on who you will boast."

Instantly, the girls realized their dream was becoming a reality.

"Where's the baby brother?" Mila asked.

Off camera, Dad said, "Right there," presumably pointing to Jenna's tummy.

Poppy took a peek at her mother's belly and asked, "How does he get out?" She then ran in for a hug while crying out, "Baby! Baby!"

Suddenly, the celebration really kicked off, as Mila and Poppy literally jumped for joy.

Since then, according to Jenna, "They've told every single stranger" they've met.

In fact, it was their enthusiastic announcements throughout the day Sunday that led the soon-to-be mom of three to make her big reveal on the show.

"I couldn't hold it one minute longer," Jenna said on TODAY.

Congratulations to the whole family — especially to the two girls who clearly can't wait to be big sisters to a little brother.