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Watch Jenna Bush Hager's adorable daughter Mila crash her live Instagram chat

"Dear lord, working from home isn't always that easy," Jenna cried.
/ Source: TODAY

Jenna Bush Hager knows it can be tough juggling motherhood with working from home — which is why she cracked up laughing Friday when her 7-year-old daughter, Mila, interrupted her during a live "Read With Jenna" Instagram chat.

The 4th hour co-host of TODAY was deep in discussion with "Valentine" author Elizabeth Wetmore when adorable Mila suddenly crashed the conversation and began whispering in her mom's ear.

"This is Mila. This is what happens when you're working from home," Jenna explained.

Wetmore was delighted by the unexpected disruption, gushing, "It's so cute."

Jenna told Mila that Wetmore's book was set in Texas, a state their family knows well. She then asked her daughter to go upstairs, but Mila insisted on staying and listening.

"Dear lord, working from home isn't always that easy," cried Jenna as Mila hung on her shoulder.

Wetmore sympathized. One good thing about quarantining at home, she said, is that people are "realizing how much women have always juggled this sort of thing." Though Wetmore's son is now a teenager, she recalled how difficult it was handling both work and motherhood simultaneously.

"When he was little, I worked at home for many, many years. I did freelance copy editing. And so this was pretty much a daily (thing)," said Wetmore. "I mostly worked after he went to bed or when he was napping. And he was a terrible napper."

Mila stuck around for the rest of the interview, and though she stayed quiet, the little girl couldn't help styling her mom's hair and dancing behind her.

It wasn't the first time Mila crashed one of her mom's live segments. She recently interrupted a video chat between Jenna and TODAY's Hoda Kotb while the pair discussed dating during the coronavirus outbreak. "How are moms doing it all?" asked Jenna as she signed off.

Jenna — who's also a mom to Poppy, 4, and Hal, 8 months — celebrated Mila's 7th birthday last month by sharing a photo of Mila reading the kids book "Guess How Much I Love You."

"Happiest 7th Birthday to our Mila! Named after both your grandmothers, you have their love of life, love of books and love of laughter," she wrote. "Your empathy and kindness amaze. I hope you never have to guess how loved you are because our love for you is infinite!"