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Jenna Bush Hager: I wish I was named Barbara

We learned a fun fact about the anchor during a Thursday morning name game on TODAY.
/ Source: TODAY

We learned a fun fact about our very own Jenna Bush Hager during a Thursday morning name game on TODAY.

As each of the anchors revealed what moniker they would swap their real one for, Jenna confessed that she wanted to share the name as another famous member of her family.

Two of them, actually!

"I was always jealous of (my sister) Barbara, so I want to go by Barbara Bush Hager," she laughed.

Both of them were handed down family names. Jenna got their maternal grandmother's name, while Barbara was given that of their paternal grandmother — aka the former first lady.

Sisters Barbara Pierce Bush and Jenna Bush Hager, alongside their grandmother, former First Lady Barbara Bush.Getty Images

"They didn't know that Barbara Bush was going to be Barbara Bush when they named her that!" Jenna noted of her parents' decision.

But being a Barbara came with a playful perk for her sister.

"As a kid, Barbara would call and order Domino's and be like, 'Barbara Bush ...' And they'd be like, 'Stop pranking us!'" Jenna recalled.

However, having that name wasn't all fun and games.

"I was always jealous — until high school," she added. That's when her sister had to endure daily roll-calls that put her in an embarrassing spotlight with her peers. "People would be like, 'Barbara Bush?!'"

Soon Jenna realized that a bit of anonymity had its own perk — at least until she and her sister became household names in their own right when their father took office.

But eventually, Jenna had a chance to channel her inner Barbara — right here on TODAY.

Jenna Bush Hager dressed as her grandmother, Barbara Bush, during our Halloween bash at Rockefeller Plaza on October 31, 2016.FilmMagic

During our 2016 Halloween celebration, she donned a white wig and her grandmother's signature pearls and declared, "This is a flash forward to what I'm going to look like in my golden years."

We have to say, they all make beautiful Barbaras!