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Jenna tears up recalling Hoda's response to her pregnancy news last year

Hoda was in the process of adopting her second daughter when Jenna shared the news about her pregnancy in 2019.
/ Source: TODAY

During an emotional conversation on TODAY with Hoda and Jenna Tuesday, Jenna Bush Hager revealed that when she first shared the news of her pregnancy last year with Hoda Kotb, she was "worried" about how her co-host would respond.

After discussing Jenna's new book, "Everything Beautiful in its Time," the two women had a heartfelt conversation as Jenna recalled sharing the news that she was pregnant with Henry Harold "Hal" Hager in 2019, before Hoda announced she was adopting her second child.

"I don't know if you remember, but when I got this job, I found out right afterwards that I was pregnant with Hal," Jenna said. "And I went in and sat in your dressing room and I said 'Can I talk to you?' ... You thought I wasn't going to take the job!"

"I said, 'I know you want another baby, and I just want to let you know that I'm pregnant,'" Jenna continued. "And I was worried about your response, and you were so happy for me."

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"Of course," Hoda said, as both women began to tear up.

"And I said, you know, 'My mom says every baby gets their baby at their time,'" Jenna said. "And then you got your baby!"

"Oh my god. That is so crazy," said Hoda, who adopted her second daughter, Hope Catherine, in April 2019.

"Anyway," Jenna continued. "I just want to thank you for sitting by me through all this time."

"Oh, I remember that moment," Hoda said, wiping away tears before jokingly telling audiences that they would bring a therapist onto the show in the next segment.

Jenna previously spoke about the conversation with Hoda during a 2019 segment with former guest co-host Meredith Vieira.

"I was a little nervous, because there was a lot going on and I knew Hoda wanted a baby more than anything in the world," Jenna told Viera at the time. "She wept out of happiness."

Later in the 2019 segment, Hoda — who was on maternity leave after adopting Hope — called in to congratulate Jenna.

"I'm so happy!" Hoda said. "Jenna, first of all, you’re amazing, and when you told me that you were pregnant I still remember because we were wondering about some adoption issues, and as I sat there listening to you, I was praying, and I remember I looked at you and you said ‘Hoda, I feel so bad!’ And I said ‘Please, don’t!’ I was kind of holding on to a little secret, and now look at us. It’s all out in the open."