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Jenna Bush Hager on daughter Mila's new and hilariously inappropriate vocabulary

Jenna Bush Hager's daughter Mila is starting to use words that many might find inappropriate.
/ Source: TODAY

Little did Hoda know that she was opening a can of worms when she started a conversation with Jenna Bush Hager about the tribulations of having a kid with a too-mature vocabulary.

The two were about to discuss a hilarious Reddit thread that started a few days back with the question, "Parents on Reddit, what was the most embarrassing moment for you caused by your children?"

Jenna chimed in right away.

"Mila has started saying a word that rhymes with 'bajina,'" she confessed as the studio crew laughed and Hoda let out a deep breath.

Jenna Bush Hager, Mila
Jenna Bush Hager

She continued. "She'll just say it around the house, and we're like, 'Wha?!'"

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So, how does Jenna react to such an outburst? Well, first, she and her husband "crack up," but they then "turn really red."

And that's not the only thing little Mila has blurted out without shame. She also "told a little boy to shake his booty, and I'm like, 'Oh, I didn't teach her that.'"

The ladies got back to discussing the funny Reddit thread that's filled with embarrassing moments for parents.

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One user wrote: "Was riding on a public bus and my five year old put her hand on a guy's shoulder in the seat front of us and said - 'This man is very fat.'"

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And another added her own miserably funny anecdote: "My daughter's day care had circle time every morning as a way to start the day. Anyway we were late and walked into the middle of circle time. My daughter said 'We're late because my Mommy had diarrhea.'"

At least Mila and these other kids gave us a good laugh this morning.