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Jenna Bush Hager and Al Roker defend kids on planes: 'Give them a break'

Even Al and Jenna are not immune to the harsh glares of judgmental travelers.
/ Source: TODAY

Any parent who has flown with babies knows it's enough to turn even the most level-headed person into a ball of anxiety.

And even Al Roker and Jenna Bush Hager are not immune to the harsh glares of judgmental travelers, as we learned Wednesday when they shared their own stories from traveling with babies on board.

"Leila was about a year old and she was actually pretty well behaved," Al said of flying with his second daughter years ago. "She's laughing, she's giggling and the guy next to me was complaining that she was too noisy."

Al wasn't having it.

"He asked me to quiet her down and I told him to do something else," Al told his fellow anchors.

Jenna had a similar experience when traveling with her daughter Mila, but wished she had been able to channel her inner Al Roker.

"When I flew with Mila once and the woman next to me asked to be moved," Jenna said. "She wasn't crying ... she was just talking and looking at Elmo."

The experience made her so upset that she started to get a little misty.

"I didn't cry in front of her ... but inside I wanted to cry," Jenna said.

The conversation got started because Dylan Dreyer and her family made their first big plane trip together this morning. (And we can only imagine baby Calvin was a perfect angel.)

Regardless, no one wants to feel judged simply for bringing their child on a plane.

"If [parents are] trying to control their kid, then that's it," Al said. "There's nothing else you can do. They're kids."

Exactly. Time to give those cute kiddos a break.