Jamie Oliver names baby son River Rocket

/ Source: TODAY

Chef Jamie Oliver and wife Jools welcomed a new addition to their family two weeks ago — a baby boy. And now we know the little guy's unique moniker.

Meet River Rocket!

Buzz started circulating about the special name the celebrity chef and his wife cooked up after Jools posted a teasing shot of nursery-room art — along with a rocket and heart emoji — to Instagram.

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TODAY reached out to Oliver's team, and got confirmation of the name — and a hint that there might be more to come?

"It's still a work in progress," the spokesperson revealed.

Not a bad start, if you ask us!

While the baby first name seems like an obvious nod to nature, his middle one is still a bit of a mystery. Sure, Rocket could refer to his sky-high potential, but considering his father's passion for produce and healthy eating, we wouldn't be surprised to learn he was named after a popular salad green. After all, what we commonly call arugula in the U.S. is better known as rocket in the U.K.

But we like what dad called him in a recent Instagram post, too: "Sweet little fella."

River is the fifth child for the family, and he joins big sisters Poppy Honey Rosie (14), Daisy Boo Pamela (13) and Petal Blossom Rainbow (7) and brother Buddy Bear Maurice (5).

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