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Chef Jamie Oliver's wife Jools opens up about her 5th miscarriage

"It's a terrible thing to keep wanting something and you can’t help it.”
/ Source: TODAY

Jools Oliver, who is married to British celebrity chef Jamie Oliver, experienced her 5th pregnancy loss last month.

Jools shared the sad news on the “Made By Mamas” podcast when she was asked about giving her kids Poppy, 18, Daisy, 17, Petal, 11, Buddy, 9, and River, 3, another sibling.

“When you first came on the podcast (in 2018) you really wanted to go for a sixth child,” host Zoe Hardman recalled.

“I really do, but I’ve just had three miscarriages since then… a recent one three weeks ago and I’m thinking, no,” Jools, 45, replied “I dunno. I do want to, but I’ve just got to mentally check that it’s a good idea to do it.”

She added, “I’m nearly 46. So it’s a little bit dodgy.”

Jamie, 45, also appears to have some reservations.

“He’s kinda still up for it, kind of, not really,” Jools said. “I haven’t got long, maybe another year and then I really will just shut that chapter off, because I am very happy and I’m pretty full up at the moment as it is. But that little baby, it’s a terrible thing to keep wanting something and you can’t help it.”

Jools admitted it’s hard to get excited about a pregnancy after so much loss.

“I’m really good at going, ‘Right, I’m pregnant but it won’t work so I’m just going to carry on’ whilst everyone gets really into it,” she explained. “I’m kind of not very positive about it.”

Jools referenced her 5th miscarriage in a 20-year anniversary tribute to Jamie on Instagram.

“We have created 5 wonderful children and lost our 5 little stars in the sky,” she wrote in a lengthy post in June. “Thank you for loving me the way you do.”