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Jamie Lynn Spears says being a good mom 'has nothing to do with age'

Jamie Lynn Spears had her first child at 17, and says age is just a number when it comes to being a parent.
/ Source: TODAY

At 27, "Zoey 101" star and singer Jamie Lynn Spears has two children, one of whom is 10.

That means she got started early with motherhood — but as she told website Dopple recently, she believes that age shouldn't matter when it comes to being a great parent.

"I don't feel like a young mom at all now, but I guess that's because I had my first daughter so very young," she said. "I used to be insecure at times, because I was always the youngest mom in the room. I quickly learned that being a good and competent mother has nothing to do with age.

Spears is mom to Maddie, 10, and Ivey, 11 months. She's married to Ivey's father, businessman Jamie Watson. Maddie's dad is her former boyfriend, Casey Aldridge.

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Spears added, "I have met some of the most wonderful amazing moms who are anywhere from 20 years old to 50 years old, so young or old, love is all it's really about."

And now, with 10 years of motherhood under her belt, she's the one who can offer sage advice.

"Do not compare yourself as a mother to anyone else," she said. "Each child is different, and therefore each mother is different. Something that works for someone else, may not work for you and your baby and vice versa. Of course, take advice from others, but always trust your instincts and what your gut is telling you more than anything."