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Jamie Lynn Sigler is tired of being the bad guy in pandemic parenting

"My kids haven't left our home in over 6 weeks, and we are FEELING it."
/ Source: TODAY

Former "The Sopranos" star Jamie Lynn Sigler opened up about the challenges of parenting during a pandemic in an honest Instagram post about the change in her relationship with her kids since the COVID-19 crisis began.

"Watching myself slowly become their least favorite person lately has been really hard," the 39-year-old mom of two wrote. "It's because I'm the one that has to say 'get on your zoom,' or break up their fights or tell them they can't go to school or see their friends."

Sigler, who recently filmed a pilot for a new NBC medical drama called "Triage," shared a photo of herself with sons Beau, 7, and Jack, 3.

"My kids haven’t left our home in over six weeks, and we are FEELING it," she wrote. "I end days feeling like I barely got anyone's emotional needs met, let alone my own. I know so many share in this struggle, but MAN, I cannot wait til they can have other people tell them what to do for a few hours a day."

Sigler, who has shared openly about her journey through a multiple sclerosis diagnosis and postpartum fitness programs, encouraged others to take the pandemic seriously so that cases decrease and life can begin to feel more normal for everyone.

"Be careful and cautious," she wrote, "respect what is going on so we can get our kids back in LIFE and I can go back to being their numero uno."