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James Van Der Beek shares the acronym he uses to calm a crying baby

The 'Dawson's Creek' star and his wife, Kimberly, recently welcomed their 6th child.

James Van Der Beek is sharing an acronym for calming a crying baby. And the best part is, you don’t have to buy a single product.

On Tuesday, the “Dawson’s Creek” star posted a video of himself holding his newborn son, Jeremiah “Remi” Van Der Beek. In the clip, Remi is seen sleeping peacefully in his dad’s arms.

“Age-old question: What do you do with a crying baby — as he was just minutes ago?" Van Der Beek asked. “I've got an acronym for you."

Van Der Beek then spells out C-A-L-L-L-M.

“The first C is connection. Recognize that every moment is an opportunity for connection with your baby,” he said. “That includes smiling, laughing, having a good time and also crying. You’re showing them that you’re able to be there.”

The “A” is for acceptance. According Van Der Beek, “a lot of peace can come from acceptance," rather than trying to change what is happening.

“They have something to say and you’re there for them,” Van Der Beek noted.

The first L is love. Van Der Beek suggested tapping into the emotions you felt at your child’s first ultrasound and then injecting “some of that love and appreciation” into what can be a frustrating situation.

The second L stands for listen. “Listen from your heart, what is your baby trying to tell you? What to do they need?” Van Der Beek said.

As for the third L, that’s for list. Van Der Beek’s list includes questions such as “Are they tired?” “Are they cold?” “Did they mess their diaper?”

“You finally get to the M, which is magic,” Van Der Beek explained. “That is something you as their parent can offer... it’s your own magic. Maybe it’s’ your own special song, it’s your own way of holding them, it’s your own way of rocking.”

The actor has plenty of practice with fussy little ones. He and his wife, Kimberly Van Der Beek, are also parents of Olivia, 11, Joshua, 9, Annabel, 6, Emilia, 4, and Gwendolyn, 3.

The couple, who live in Austin, Texas, announced last month that they had secretly welcomed their sixth child.