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James Van Der Beek's kids hilariously roast him over 'Varsity Blues'

That Texan accent did not go unnoticed by the actor's children!
/ Source: TODAY

James Van Der Beek’s kids are not big fans of his signature film.

On his Instagram stories, the actor shared video of his kids teasing him while he showed them “Varsity Blues.”

“My kids wanted to see some of ‘The Blue Movie’ that people are always talking to me about…,” the actor captioned the clip. “I thought I was showing them the two minutes that were appropriate to show them.”

Van Der Beek's kids were not exactly taken with their dad's performance in 1999's "Varsity Blues."
Van Der Beek's kids were not exactly taken with their dad's performance in 1999's "Varsity Blues."(C)Paramount/ / Courtesy Everett Collection

Van Der Beek and wife Kimberly are parents of five kids, including Olivia, 9, Joshua, 8, Annabel, 6, Emilia, 4, and Gwendolyn, 22 months.

Joshua made fun of the way he talked in the movie.

“I was doing an accent,” Van Der Beek explained.

Joshua then pressed his father on why he used some foul language in the 1999 flick.

“Why did you say ’s---’ in this movie?” Joshua asked his dad. “You said 's---' in this movie. You said, ‘Holy s---!’”

“Don’t say that in real life,” the former "Dawson's Creek star replied.

“You said it,” Joshua fired back.

“In the movie, though,” his dad said.

Van Der Beek, 43, also assured his kids he had a stunt double, so he never got hurt when they watched a scene of him getting tackled during a game.

Joshua also had a beef with the way his dad talked like a Texan in the movie.

“I hate that accent,” he said, eliciting a laugh from Van Der Beek.

“That one is the worst,” the boy added.

And while the kids may have had some problems with their dad’s performance, they appear to come around to the movie. Van Der Beek showed them looking on mesmerized as he chuckled.

The actor has made sport of showing his well-known projects to his kids.

In February, one of his daughters watched “Dawson’s Creek.”

"Why is it called Dalson’s Creek?" she asked, while mispronouncing the title of the WB series. "Is it because Dalson owns a creek and someone tries to destroy it?"

"Exactly," Van Der Beek answered while making up a story about the show to make it sound cooler. "He owns a creek, and then somebody’s trying to blow it up and, so he has to use kung fu and ninja moves to try to prevent that from happening."