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James Corden on taking his 3 kids out to a restaurant: 'It's just a nightmare'

Suddenly, his parents' decisions to stay home on weekends makes sense!
/ Source: TODAY

"Late, Late Show" host James Corden is enjoying so much about being a father to three young children. Well ... except for the whole going out to restaurants part.

As he recently told People magazine, it's something of a dark side to parenting.

"It's just a nightmare," he said of bringing 7-year-old Max, 3-year-old Carey, and 6-month old Charlotte all out to the same restaurant with his wife Julia Carey.

James Corden and Julia Carey, like so many parents, have their hands full when they take their kids out! Danny Moloshok / Reuters

"I got back from Liverpool on Sunday, and we thought, 'Let's take the kids out. Let's go for lunch.' I mean, it’s a joke," said the 39-year-old. "We actually went to a place at the end of our road for lunch, and we looked like we were fleeing the country."

That's because they have to carry so many items to keep the kids happy and comfortable: bags, stroller, wipes, creams, and so forth.

"I understand now why my parents just used to not do anything with us on the weekend, 'cause it's too much hassle," he continued.

Then, once in place it becomes a race to have the meal before a meltdown occurs, the comedian said.

"You’re asking for the check before you've sat down," he explained. "You're just shoveling pasta and butter into one of their mouths as you're trying to eat yours. You have to leave a huge tip, because the place is covered in crayons."

In the end, he concluded, "It's just not worth it."

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