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Jade Roper and Tanner Tolbert suffered miscarriage after 'Bachelor in Paradise'

In an emotional video, the now-married couple says their "paradise baby" will always be part of the family.
Pregnant in Paradise... Our Miscarriage Story
Jade Roper and Tanner Tolbert from Bachelor In Paradise got pregnant while filming the show. That pregnancy, unfortunately, resulted in a miscarriage.YouTube
/ Source: TODAY

Just last month, Jade Roper and husband Tanner Tolbert shared happy news with Bachelor Nation — they're expecting baby No. 2 in the summer. But now the couple has more news to share, and this time, it's anything but happy.

In a video the duo posted to YouTube, they revealed that Roper became pregnant during their "Bachelor in Paradise" days, shortly after they first fell in love on the show, but the pregnancy soon ended in miscarriage.

"You always hear about those couples who get pregnant after the very first time they have sex," Tolbert said as the video opened. "I never thought that would be me, but it was. Add on top of that that it happened on a TV show — in a Fantasy Suite — made things a little complicated, but this is the story of what happened to Jade and I."

As Roper went on to describe it, she actually learned she was pregnant just after the show ended in the fall of 2015, while she was visiting with her then-fiancé in Kansas City.

Their response to the pregnancy news was mixed. Although they were engaged — just four weeks after their first meeting — they were also still getting to know each other. It left them feeling a bit anxious.

"It was just a lot to take in," Roper said. But looking back now, both Roper and Tolbert said the sudden development "brought us closer together."

They decided to "make it work," so Roper moved to Kansas City to live with her then-future husband. But then things took another sudden turn for the couple.

"Sadly we did lose the baby," Roper explained through tears. "At the time, I didn’t really grieve because I just didn’t know really how to process it. It was so much so fast." She then added, "In a really bad way, it was almost like this relief, because we were in such a whirlwind."

But time — as well as a wedding, a child and now another child on the way — changed her perspective.

After giving birth to their now 1-year-old daughter Emerson, Roper discovered "how amazing of a miracle" a baby is, and that's when the grief hit her — and Tolbert, too.

"It’s hard to not be sad because, knowing how much I love Emerson today, I would have loved this baby that much, and I never got a chance to know him or her," Tolbert said. "It’s really sad to think about what could have been."

While they were hesitant to share all of that with the world for so long, Roper believes it's important to speak up now, because, "It's our story, and it happened, and it mattered."

The video closed with a note addressed to their "little 'paradise' baby."

"We love you so much and think of you often and are so sorry we never got to meet you... But you will always be a part of our family. Love, Mom & Dad."