'It was beautiful': Baby born on Atlanta-area roadside during snowstorm

By Lisa Flam

Update: She's named Grace Elizabeth!

What a birthday for a police officer and the baby girl he helped deliver during a snow and ice storm near Atlanta.

Police officer Tim Sheffield was responding to an accident Tuesday during the storm that has shut down the region when he saw a car on the side of the highway and stopped to check on the couple and their two daughters inside.

“I asked the dad, ‘Are you all broke down?’” Sheffield told TODAY’s Savannah Guthrie on Wednesday. “He goes, ‘No, we’re having a baby.’”

Dad-to-be Nick Anderson was on the phone with 911 and Sheffield also called for help, but there was little time, as Amy Anderson was about to give birth.

“That baby was coming no matter what,” Sheffield said. “She did about 99 percent of it. The father did a lot. They were both calm. They were troupers.”

Sheffield, who said he had been in this situation several times before, described the delivery.

“When the head come out, the father was starting to pull,” he recounted. “I said, ‘No, no, no. Don’t pull.'"

“And then the baby came out,” Sheffield added. “It just happened quick. It was beautiful.”

Sheffield noted that the expectant mother had no pain relief. “It was 100 percent natural,” he said, “but she did amazing. She really did.”

This was the third baby for the Andersons; their two daughters were in the backseat for the surprise arrival of their new sister.

Sheffield has something in common with the little girl whose birth he witnessed: They share a birthday.

But because the baby is a girl, and not a boy, he surmised: “No chance it will be named Tim Sheffield.”

The girl was born at about 5:20 p.m., as the storm had brought traffic to a halt amid treacherous conditions. An ambulance arrived shortly afterward, and brought the family to a hospital. Mom and baby are resting comfortably and most importantly, warmly!