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'It was Batman!' Watch this adorable little boy claim superhero drew on mom's mirror

One little Scottish boy has won our hearts by telling a giant fib about a superhero.
/ Source: TODAY

If you happen to see Batman around, can you tell him that one mother from Inverness, Scotland, needs to have a quick chat?

See, she's got an adorable bespectacled toddler named Noel, and Noel absolutely, positively knows who marked up the mirror he's standing in front of.

"Batman did it!" he declares when his mom asks him who drew on the mirror. The video went viral on Facebook over the weekend with more than 600,000 views.

We're not really buying Noel's assertion, given that the pink lipstick marks are precisely his height, that he's found loitering in front of them and he has a terrible poker face.

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But that did not stop him one little bit. And hearing him insist "It was Batman" with his delightful accent will completely make your day.

"I kind of knew he would give me a funny answer," Laura Hopkins, Noel's mom, told TODAY in an email. "He always comes out with something hilarious; he's such a character! It's normally his sister or the cats that get the blame, so Batman was a first."

She said she had the camera ready to go because she wanted to capture the moment to show to Noel's dad, who was away for work.

Apparently Noel had gotten into his sister's makeup case under her bed.

And as for his blame game, mom didn't mind too much.

"I think he was just trying his luck, like he always does," she said. "Obviously, after the video, with more questioning, he [did] come 'round to 'Noel did it' and did apologize."

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