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Mom's funny rant about homeschooling her children goes viral

The mother of four from Israel cracked on day two of quarantine.
/ Source: TODAY

One mom’s rant about homeschooling her kids amid the coronavirus outbreak is going viral because it’s comedy gold.

Shiri Kenigsberg Levi, a special education teacher who lives in Israel, told TODAY Parents she filmed the footage in her car to escape her four fighting children.

“Listen, it’s not working, this distance learning thing,” Kenigsberg Levi begins in the clip, which has been translated to English. “Straight off in the morning, it’s only the second day, millions of WhatApp messages.”

The mom of Raz, 15, May, 14, Nir, 10, and Guy, 8, goes on to explain that she only has two computers and everyone is fighting over them.

“One of my daughter’s teachers is living in a dream world, thinks she’ll get up at 8 a.m. to see him on the screen. Eight a.m. she only just manages to roll over in bed,” Kenigsberg Levi, 41, quips. “Where do you get off?”

Shiri Kenigsberg Levi's hilarious rant about homeschooling her kids amid the coronavirus is going viral.
Shiri Kenigsberg Levi's hilarious rant about homeschooling her kids amid the coronavirus is going viral.

But it was a music teacher who pushed Kenigsberg Levi over the edge by sending over a musical score to learn.

“What am I going to do with that information? What, have I got some band in the house? I can’t read music!” she exclaims. “Just one second, let me pull out my clarinet and help my son with his score.”

Kenigsberg Levi then mocks all the teachers who keep asking how her children feel.

“He’s spending the entire day on his cell phone. He’s fine! Sleeping fine, eating fine. They don’t stop eating. How’s he feeling? Ask me how I’m feeling! Falling to pieces!” she yells. “I go from one child to the other. Here’s science, here’s math, forget it! And how am I supposed to know all those things? Now, our children will find out dumb we are. It’s not right. Really.”

Kenigsberg Levi signs off by urging educators to “turn it down” a notch and "leave them be."

“You’ve finished us off. It’s only the second day!” she says. “If we don’t die of [coronavirus], we’ll die of distance learning.”

Kenigsberg Levi has been inundated with virtual applause from people all over the world.

“The video reached everyone,” she told TODAY Parents. “I felt like I was speaking on their behalf."