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Isla Fisher on parenthood: 'Everyone is doing their best'

The actress, mom of three and children's book author says to each their own.
/ Source: TODAY

Some celebs — and you know who they are — are happy to dispense parenting tips.

Not Isla Fisher, who has three kids with husband Sacha Baron Cohen.

But the actress/writer is more than happy to entertain your kids with her new book, "Marge in Charge," about a rule-bending babysitter. She wrote it while on the go.

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“Due to the fact that I have three kids and a busy life, a lot of my writing is done on my iPhone. I have a dictaphone. Moms in the LA all have the same lifestyle. It involves pickup and drop-off. I’ve gotten kind of used to that now, actually,” says Fisher, who's co-starred in "The Great Gatsby" and "Wedding Crashers."

So how is she able to concentrate on sentence and story structure with kids in the backseat?

“It’s usually on the way to school and during naptime. I do go up to my office early in the morning and knock something out,” she says.

“I try not to get involved and stand on a soapbox and advise anyone how to do anything. I don’t want to come out publicly and give advice about mothering. Everyone is doing their best,” she tells TODAY.

Her most trusted reader, says Fisher, is her editor. Plus, all the “tiny people” who hang out at her house: her kids, their friends, plus various relatives.

“I don’t have of people I can share the books with because of who they’re aimed for. I’d ask my friends for their feedback but they’re 41. What do they know? They won’t get the humor,” she says. The little ones, however, are brutally honest.

“They walk out of the room when they’re bored. They’re just gone.”