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Parents' hopeful social media posts during pandemic prove we aren't alone

It's hard to parent while social distancing, but we're all in this together.
/ Source: TODAY

Between keeping an entire family quarantined, leading kids in home-based learning and fulfilling household and work duties while cooped up indoors, parenting during the coronavirus pandemic is filled with challenges and frustrations.

Thankfully, parents across the internet are sharing meaningful and inspirational social media posts, reminding themselves and other parents that it's OK to have bad days, let go of routines and occasionally become impatient. After all, parents who already felt like they were doing it all are suddenly doing so much more.

Here are 12 posts from moms and dads on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram that will remind parents everywhere that this, too, shall pass.

You've got this

Take a deep breath

Live for that day

Grief is OK

Do what you need to do

Look for the positive

You are enough

Every day is a new day

Your kids will remember the ways you made it fun

This is hard because it's too much

It's OK to let some things go

Look for good things

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