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See exasperated mom scold 'Michael Myers' dad who is way too into Halloween

Evan Zimmerman prides himself on never breaking from the "Halloween" character.
/ Source: TODAY

It’s been nearly four years since Evan Zimmerman first went viral for terrorizing his wife in a Michael Myers costume.

"That was the video that started it all," Evan, 40, tells

In the 2019 Facebook clip, Sabrina Zimmerman is driving home from work, when suddenly, she spots her husband dressed as the fictional serial killer.

Not only is Evan wearing a custom white mask and Myers’s trademark charcoal coveralls — but he embodies the character. Evan, who is riding a bicycle, shows no emotion as he pedals towards Sabrina’s car. Attached to his pink cruiser is a child carrier with a baby skeleton riding inside.

“What the hell are you doing?” Sabrina demands.

“Are we those those people now?” Sabrina asks, as Evan continues to ignore her.

When she threatens to have Evan committed, he stares at her for a moment and then heads off in the other direction.

“I stay in character, I don’t talk,” Evan tells

Evan and Sabrina Zimmerman
Evan and Sabrina ZimmermanCOURTESY OF Whiskey and Wine Photography

Later that day, Sabrina put the clip on social media, where it racked up millions of views and thousands of comments. Sensing they were on to something, the Zimmermans, who live in Decatur, Indiana, created the “Michael Myers of Decatur,” Facebook page. They now have more than 1.3 million followers.

Evan shares that Halloween 2023 will be one for the books. Throughout the year, he carries around a notebook and jots down ideas as they come to him.

“I ordered a 25-foot inflatable Michael Myers that my wife doesn’t know about yet,” Evan says. “I’m going to put it in our front yard. She’s gonna be mad about it, because for one thing, she hates inflatables.”

Evan Zimmerman has been dressing up as Michael Myers from "Halloween" since 2012.
Evan Zimmerman has been dressing up as Michael Myers from "Halloween" since 2012.COURTESY OF Whiskey and Wine Photography

The father of three, who serves in the U.S. Air Force, has also mapped out spots in town where he plans to lurk.

Though Evan waits until Oct. 1 to put his costume on, it comes with him everywhere throughout the year — including on vacation. He even crafted a custom travel case for his mask.

Evan told in 2019 that local police know to disregard any phone calls about Michael Myers.

“I’ll stand in random people’s yards and look at them through the window until they notice me standing there,” he said. “I carry a fake butcher knife.”

Elderly people are off limits, but Evan has no problem scaring little ones.

“A lot of the children want their picture with me. Not all of them, but a majority do,” Evan said. “I get a lot of requests from parents wanting me to scare their kids.”

As for wife, Sabrina, Evan admitted she worries something bad is going to happen to him.

“She always talks about how I give her anxiety,” he said. “But in reality she loves that I do this.”