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Impatient 6-year-old boy dunks himself at his own baptism

You can hear an impatient Jordan Warrick of Kentucky shouting "Do it!" followed by "I'm baptized!" after taking the plunge himself.
/ Source: TODAY

At Jordan Warrick's baptism, instead of following the pastor's lead, the 6-year-old boy decided to go ahead and take the plunge.

Jordan thought the pastor at West End Baptist Church in Louisville, Kentucky, was taking awfully long to get through his introductory statement. So he went ahead and dunked himself in the water.

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"He will demonstrate his faith in the Lord Jesus Christ by willingly being baptized this morning. He's been waiting on this day a long time," the pastor said shortly before Jordan plugged his nose and went under without waiting to be properly blessed.

In the video, Jordan's father, Terrence Warrick, posted on Facebook, you can hear the impatient boy shouting "Do it!" This was followed by, "I'm baptized!" after Jordan basically baptized himself.

The whole church broke out in laughter, the dad wrote on Facebook.

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"Wonderful time with the kids today," Terrence wrote. "First church, my son gave his life to Christ today, then the waterfront, where we had a water fight. Makes me so proud to be a father. Thank you Jesus."