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Reddit user looks exactly like her mom at age 25 — and the Internet is freaking out

Side-by-side photos showing what appears to be a mom and daughter looking uncannily similar is causing the Internet to freak out.
/ Source: TODAY

Watch out,, we've found someone who really should be singing "I Got it From my Mama."

Reddit user shaylybri posted what appears to be incredible side-by-side images of herself and her mother to photo-sharing site Imgur yesterday, with the title, "My mother and I, both age 25." Since then, the post has collected nearly 4 million views on the site as well as more than 3,000 comments on Reddit.

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The two shots of mom and daughter are uncannily similar. The pair sport similar sweaters and glasses, but most importantly, similar smiles, eyes and faces.

Truly, the only thing that gives away the fact that the two people in the pictures might not be the same person is their hairstyles. We think it's fair to say that mom's 'do is a little, er, outdated. (Imgur and Reddit users agreed. One Reddit user posted, "Wow. Hairstyles have improved a lot since OP's mother's days").

People who commented on the photo are incredulous that mom and daughter are not the same person.

One Imgur user wrote, "I hate to break it to you, you have no father. You are a clone and your mom is a mad scientist."

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Another person urged shaylybri to give everyone a glimpse into the future: "Show us mom now so we know what you are gonna look like."

And really, it makes time travel seem plausible. "Did those glasses time-travel?" one Imgur user asked. "Conspiracy!"

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Another commenter saw the greater meaning in the side-by-side photos, writing, "I think this is the first generation that dress like their parents. #hipsters."

People continue to look at the picture in disbelief, and they aren't the only ones.

"This is terrifying," the poster of the picture wrote on Reddit. "Omg omg the internet is so weird."

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In the end, though, she understands the Internet's reaction.

"I get it guys, my mom is hot," she wrote.