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If you're pregnant and you pee on this Ikea ad, you get a discount on a crib

You could actually use this Ikea ad as a pregnancy test, but we really, really would not recommend it.
/ Source: TODAY

Yep, you read that right. Everyone’s favorite Swedish furniture retailer, Ikea, has a promotion going on right now that will make you ask: What would you do for a good sale?

If your answer includes “pee on a magazine,” then you’re in luck.

According to Adweek, a print advertisement for one of Ikea’s cribs in a popular Swedish women’s magazine offers expectant mothers a discount. But this bargain is not for the squeamish (then again, neither is parenthood).

To access the special discount price, you have to pee on the ad, which includes a hidden pregnancy test. If the test is positive, a few minutes later, a special discounted “family price” will become visible on the paper.

The ad is the brainchild of award-winning public relations agency Åkestam Holst in collaboration with Stockholm, Sweden-based Mercene Labs.

The technology behind the ad took Mercene Labs four months to develop, product manager Jonas Hansson told TODAY.

Hansson described the experience as "fun" and "creative," adding that it "pushed the boundaries of our normal technologies."

Ikea wants you to pee for savings in this innovative, yet also gross,

As one Twitter user pointed out, the ad could be used as a free pregnancy test — but we wouldn’t recommend it.

The regular price on the crib appears to be 995 Swedish krona, or about $121. But after a fertile sprinkle, the price drops to $60.

An Ikea representative told TODAY that the company, unfortunately, doesn't plan to run the ad in any magazines outside of Sweden.

Still, we have so many questions. What if someone adopting a child wants the discount price? Do you have to present the urinated ad to the cashier (and do they have to take it)? And, what if you’re not pregnant, but ask a pregnant friend to pee on an ad for you because you just love a bargain?

One thing's for sure: This idea definitely gives new meaning to the words "baby shower."