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Spit-up crackers, splattered soup: Moms spoof kids' weird eating habits

Looking for a laugh? Check out The BreakWomb, a YouTube channel run by three moms who also happen to be comedians.
/ Source: TODAY

Are they moms who do sketch comedy? Or sketch comedians who do motherhood? Laurel Coppock, Molly Erdman and Megan Grano created YouTube channel The BreakWomb to offer viewers the best of both worlds: parenting with a heaping side of laughs.

The BreakWomb's most popular video, "If Moms Ate Like Their Kids," will be relatable for anyone who's ever sat through a meal with a child under the age of 5. The sketch has garnered more than a million and a half views on Facebook and is so funny you might just snort your milk.

Grano described The BreakWomb as a "passion project" for the trio, who live in Los Angeles and have been friends for more than a decade. They started making videos together a year ago and posted their first on YouTube this past January.

"We all do acting and writing for a living," Grano explained. "We felt really strongly...that there wasn’t something that spoke to our experience [as parents] online."

Although The BreakWomb's videos are shot and edited by professionals, the group keeps the rest of its process low-key. They choose filming locations "depending on whose kid is napping at what time" and fund all of their videos themselves, Grano said.

In fact, The BreakWomb's sketches are meant to reduce the pressure on modern moms, Grano explained, and make parenthood seem less like a race to perfection.

These days "it feels like life continues to get busier and faster, and you have to do more and more for your child to succeed," Grano said. "These videos have helped us lighten up about it."

Better yet, the three moms have managed to win over their toughest audience: their own kids. Grano says her 3-year-old son enjoys watching The BreakWomb's "How to Use a Moby Wrap" video on repeat.

"They worship [our videos]," Grano said. "It is so cute!"