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'I wanted to dance with my baby': Dancing mom grooves her way through labor

This 28-year-old mom decided to crank some tunes and have a dance party in the delivery room.
/ Source: TODAY

We love moms. We love dancing. So it's not hard to understand why we love this new mom dancing her way through labor!

28-year-old Amber Bush and her husband Teron were waiting to deliver their little bundle of joy when Amber decided to crank some tunes and have a dance party in the delivery room.

Bush's doula Jessica Weisbrod took a video of the spontaneous moment and posted it to Facebook where it's since racked up 11 million views. In the video, Bush and her sister-in-law are seen dancing around to the song "Wobble" by V.I.C. having a great time.

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When the video started to take off online, the new mom was shocked.

"I didn't think this video would go to the extent that it did," she said. "At first I was super embarrassed but you know what, it's all about empowering women."

The Bush family welcomed Amelia Sky on December 29, 2017.Courtesy of Amber Bush

The expectant mom was a week late and her doctor decided to induce labor in the early morning and after spending a significant chunk of time at 6 cm dilated they decided to move around to get the contractions going! Bush told TODAY they turned on a trap rap radio station on Pandora and "let it roll."

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"They say that your baby feels you dancing so I thought about that. I wanted to dance with my baby before she was born," Bush told TODAY. "I'm not coordinated by any stretch of the means but I do it because it's fun."

It certainly looks like the family was having a great time busting a move!

After close to 20 hours in labor, the Bush family welcomed a little girl named Amelia Skye.

Amelia's parents are head-over-heels in love with their little one!Courtesy of Amber Bush

"It's crazy to think that I am a mom and I have a daughter and she's so precious," Bush said. "We are absolutely in love with her."

We have to imagine that adorable Amelia will be super impressed when she sees just how much of a rock star she was just hours before she came into the world! Congrats to the happy family!