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'I really loved him': Adorable 4-year-old loses it over Manning's retirement

It's pretty much like when you found out Santa wasn't real.
/ Source: TODAY

Remember when you found out Santa wasn’t real? How shocked and devastated you were by the news?

Well, that’s about how 4-year-old Cy Harrington of Conifer, Colorado, felt about Peyton Manning’s retirement.

“I really loved him,” little Cy wails in a video that has since gone viral.

The total devastation over his hero’s retirement is slightly traumatizing to watch ... and utterly precious.

“Cy has always loved football!” Cy’s mother, Dusty Harrington, told “The love for Manning started when he got a Peyton Manning jersey. Whenever the Broncos played, Cy alway got excited when number 18 came on.”

Cy’s big brother, Mason, had caught wind of Manning’s retirement and dropped the bomb on Cy when the two were in the car with their mother.

After looking it up online to confirm, Dusty made an impulse decision to capture the moment on film.

“We didn’t have a clue that he would react like he did,” she said. “[Or] that the video would have the reaction it did and be shared like it has. We are still kind of in shock about it!”

But her shock is nothing compared to Cy’s.

“Who else is your favorite player?” Dusty asks in the video, trying to keep things positive.

“Nobody now!” he sniffles.

NFL players, consider yourselves on alert: Heroes wanted!