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'I'm never anywhere alone': 17 parents show how personal space becomes a luxury

From seeing the world through a child's eyes to never seeing the bottom of the laundry hamper, life completely changes after having children.
/ Source: TODAY

From seeing the world through a child’s eyes to never seeing the bottom of the laundry hamper, life completely changes after having children.

The TODAY Parenting Team is celebrating the humorous, poignant and significant ways life changes after becoming a parent. Add your insights here.

Many common themes have been emerging in parents' posts, including this one: No more personal space. Here are 17 of our favorite photos showcasing this best.

"I never have to eat alone." — Kathleen O.

"[My husband] is the happiest when he has both girls in his arms." — Josi F.

"Knowing what my daughter thinks of me and spending as much play time with her is all that matters." — Amorica B.

"You don't realize all the little things you once took for granted have now become luxuries. Like going to the bathroom alone, personal space (see picture for details)... But as nice as those things are you wouldn't trade your new life for the world!" — Abby E.

"Sleeping... It's changed for sure!" — Amanda H.

"She lights up a room! I don't know what I would do without her! She is my happiness!" — Justyne S.

"This is how we do [the] Super Bowl now!" — Mollie T.

"Travel, movie nights, date nights, cabin trips, my bed time are just a few things that have changed." — LeAnne V.

"Mommy's 'relaxing' day at the salon." — Melinda A.

"I used to sleep in (I do miss those sometimes) but now I couldn't be happier to wake up at 6 a.m. with this cutie's happy face." — Julyen E.

"My toddler didn't want to walk so on my back she goes." — Melody P.

"I could no longer lay by myself on the couch! I must confess I miss those days (this was about 18 years ago!)" — Valette K.

"I always wanted children and a big family. I knew even before we had kids life wouldn't be about us anymore." — Monika J.

"My son Nevyn makes a trip to the salon a whole different experience." — Olivia L.

"I used to be able to watch March Madness at a bar with my friends... now I get two little squiggly girls to watch it with." — Misti I.

"You learn patience and you learn how to do things you never imagined you would be able to do." — Marie D.

"I'm never anywhere alone!!... and I love it." — Brandy Yearous, The Super Mom Workout

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