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'I love the mean mug': Baby's photo shoot scowl goes viral

She's been making this face since birth.
Grumpy baby Luna Musa
Newborn Luna Musa's scowl quickly went viral. Courtesy Justine Tuhy
/ Source: TODAY

Three-week-old Luna Musa was not a happy camper during her newborn photo shoot.

The infant's scowling face quickly went viral when photographer Justine Tuhy shared some photos from the shoot on Facebook.

Photographer Justine Tuhy said newborn Luna Musa "stared her down" during a photoshoot. Courtesy Justine Tuhy

"She was actually pretty content throughout the whole session," Tuhy, an Ohio-based photographer who specializes in wedding and newborn photos, told TODAY Parents. "She was asleep for about the first set-up, and then after that she was wide awake. She was completely content, didn't cry at all, she just kept giving me those hysterical faces."

Luna's mom, Lori Musa, told TODAY Parents that this face isn't a new look for Luna.

Mom Lori Musa said Luna has been making these faces since birth. Courtesy Lori Musa

"If she isn't mean mugging or looking overall displeased, she is probably asleep," Musa said. "I remember when I first laid eyes on her after her birth, that was the face she was making. She was born via C-section at 41 weeks, so we assume she is annoyed she was evicted."

Musa said that she and her husband Christian love seeing how people are reacting to their tiny daughter.

"I love the mean mug that has gone viral," Musa said. "To me, she looks like she is planning to take over the world."

Tuhy added that "Luna did all of the work on her own."

"I just happened to catch a great moment," Tuhy said. "It was her expression and her amazing face that everyone's loved, and I'm so glad that everyone has found joy in these photos."

No matter what the situation is, Luna approaches it with a stink eye. Courtesy Lori Musa

Tuhy said it's unusual for newborns to smile in photo shoots, but the grumpy stare is also new.

"It's just luck if I can catch them smiling ... Sometimes I can get them to smirk a little bit," Tuhy explained. "Typically they just sleep throughout the session. But it was just not happening with her. She was just wide awake, very content, just staring me down."

Luna sometimes softened her scowl, but never quite cracked a smile. Courtesy Justine Tuhy

Musa said she and her husband had both been present at the photo shoot, but since Luna was happy, they stayed in the background and let the photographer work.

"Luna wanted to show the world her personality," Musa said, "and that is what Justine captured."

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