'I got a box!!' Best Christmas morning reactions from your kids

What's the best part about Christmas morning with kids? Is it the excitement on their faces? The heartfelt "thank you mommy/daddy/Santa!" when they open their gifts? Or could it be the blissful silence that settles over the house as they contentedly play with their new toys?

As TODAY Moms reader Nicole Powers Sakaitis said, "I hope never to hear 'I'm bored' anytime soon."

Now that's a gift that keeps on giving! On our TODAY Moms Facebook page, we asked how your kids reacted to opening their holiday presents, and got some adorable stories. Here are some of your sweetest and funniest replies:

Amanda 'Long' Stone My parents bought my son a box of cars fruit snacks (he is a little crazy about fruit snacks). He took off the wrapping and excitedly screamed "Look! I got a box!!" And didn't even care what was inside :)

Nikki Cousinaw Our three year old came out of her bedroom to see the presents under the tree and promptly did a facepalm. Hah. It was HILARIOUS.

Colleen Steves My two year old was amazed by every present and said "tank you" several times. I thought my heart would explode.

Michele Merritt Holloman My kids were blessed with a very good Christmas, however when my 11 yr old opened her portable dvd player she almost cried---she will use this to watch movies in her hospital bed when she has her 12th surgery next month---many thanks to her Mommom who helped :-}

Jennifer Stutts-Pruski My kids were very happy. It was even sweeter to hear them keep saying "Thank you!!!" to Santa and me. My 7 year old son even waited for his 3 year old sister to wake up before he tore into anything!

Michelle Alvarez Dean My 15 month old son wasn't quite sure what to do with the wrapping paper, almost like he didn't want to make a mess. I think his favorite gift was also the least expensive, a broom and dustpan!! He's been sweeping since he got it and as soon as he sees me sweep he grabs it. Love him!!

Jessica Smith Bolyard After an hour of opening presents and playing with them, my nearly three year old daughter, looked at me and my husband and said, "It is Christmas YET?"

Daryl Ayala My son got almost everything he asked Santa for. This is the 2nd Christmas out of 4 that my husband has been deployed and I always try and make it extra special for our 3 year old. His birthday was just 8 days prior so I saved a lot of the really good gifts for Christmas. Mostly Cars items, of course, but what I think his best present was: a t shirt saying 'I'm the BIG brother'!! It was the perfect way to announce my pregnancy :)

Jamie Bishop Every year my sister in law buys all of the kids pajamas to open on Christmas Eve. Last night my 2 year old sat in my lap as we opened it together and as soon as she discovered what they were she lost it... she ran from person to person SCREAMING I love pajamas and jumping up and down. Cutest Christmas moment ever!

Teresa Curtis Kaspar Best reaction was son spending seven hours yesterday putting his new Legos together and he was not going to stop until they were complete!

Heather Thomas Rowa Our kids did not get their "big gift" yet this year, but they didn't even mention any disappointment about it. They have been so thankful and it warms my heart! (the gifts were sold out)

Lori Frownfelter Our little boy will be three in January and he just loved tearing open the packages and yelling OH WOW! Then he wants to play with it and we had to coax him to open the others. When he was done he had just really gotten the hang of it all!...! He really loves everything. Our 14 and 22 year daughters had so much fun helping get things ready for him and each other. We all had a great Christmas. Our oldest daughter and her husband and. our first granddaughter came over in the afternoon to spend the rest of the day. It was a beautiful Christmas!!

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