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/ Source: TODAY
By Ree Hines

If you thought falling and fire were the only possible downsides to having some hoverboard fun, think again!

In this YouTube video, one little girl demonstrates a third way it can all go wrong: by spinning — and spinning and spinning — out of control.

As the clip opens, the girl takes a few rotations on her board while crouched down. It doesn't look like a dangerous situation at first, but she seems to realize her simple maneuver could be a problem.

"This is the one thing you should not do," she warns her sister, who's watching from her own hoverboard, as the whirls continue. "Don't go too fast."

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But soon the girl's tone changes from FYI to OMG.

"I can't stop," she warns as things speed up. "I'm serious. ... Are you going to help me? I can't stop!"

Alas, her sister's help comes too late and, frankly, isn't that helpful.

Rather than bringing the spins to a stop, the last-minute intervention just causes the board to take one last large spin — right into a wall.

Spinning Hoverboard Fail
Damage to the wall after little girl has a spinning-hoverboard fail.Kyoot Kids / YouTube


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