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Yes, the babies in that Super Bowl ad really were born on Super Bowl Sunday

These cute babies may be the real winners of the Super Bowl!
/ Source: TODAY

One of the cutest Super Bowl commercials this year was the Huggies ad, which featured eight babies who had been born earlier that day.

“Welcome, baby!” a voiceover said in the commercial, showing photos of the just-born infants. “We’re so glad you’re here, meaning Earth. World, meet babies! Born today, like literally hours ago.”

Huggies also shared Instagram photos of the newborn babies who starred in their ad.

While parts of the commercial were pre-produced, the photos of the newborn babies were 100% real, and each of the babies featured had indeed entered the world on Feb. 7, 2021.

How did Huggies pull that off? Kimberly-Clark, which owns the Huggies brand, explained the “logistical mastery” needed to gather day-of photos of newborns to air during the Super Bowl broadcast.

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“Huggies started outreach in late 2020 to its network of hospital partners worldwide, eventually signing on dozens of partners before game day,” the company said in a press release.

The hospitals then coordinated with expecting parents, asking them to submit their own photos and video clips of their babies to be featured in the commercial.

“All the footage of the game-day newborns was submitted virtually, without the brand ever having to enter a hospital,” the company noted.

Three of the babies featured, Destinee, Freyja and Adam, were born in Tampa, Florida, where the Super Bowl took place this year.

The other babies included in the ad were Donyelle of Chicago, Illinois, Acre of Green Bay, Wisconsin, and Khloe of Cape Coral, Florida, and Emmett of Fort Myers, Florida — whose mom was coincidentally also born on Super Bowl Sunday in 1986.

Welcome to the world, game-day babies!

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