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By Terri Peters

In her video parody of the hit Katy Perry song, “This is How We Do,” blogger Brenna Jennings transforms the pop song into an anthem of mom solidarity. 

“I belong to a really amazing group of women in real life, and in my blogging life online. There is so much press given to ‘Mommy Wars,’ and that hasn’t been my experience. I love these women, and we’ve supported each other through a lot,” Jennings told TODAY Parents.

Jennings says the idea for "This Is How We Do — For Moms" struck her after her daughter played the video of the original song – which focuses on the partying lifestyle of kid-free young people – over and over, non-stop. Her neighborhood mom friends were all eager to help her revamp it.

The video features scenes of Jennings and her friends balancing work, life, and child-rearing, and includes scenes of a frazzled mom accidentally putting laundry into the pot with dinner and a mini-van-driving mom showing off her talent of kicking the door closed with her hands full of grocery bags.

Because, you know, this is how moms do.

Jennings' favorite scene? A clip of her and a group of other neighborhood moms at a soccer game, cheering for their kids.

“This summer, we lost a young friend to breast cancer. Every woman in the soccer game scene rallied to shore up that family, and we still do. Motherhood is really a community, and I am humbled by the women who’ve chosen to give me their friendship,” she said.