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How much would someone have to pay to name your baby?

Can you put a price tag on your child's name?
/ Source: TODAY

Can you put a price tag on your child's name?

From grandparents interested in passing down a traditional family name to in-laws angling to name a couple's first-born child, different family members are showing the willingness to pay large sums of money to have control over naming a baby, according to The New York Times. With more and more parents looking to give a child a unique name instead of a traditional family name, older generations are trying to get their way by opening up their checkbooks.

With many younger couples often still financially dependent on parents or grandparents, money to raise the child or a free college tuition can seem tantalizing enough to sell the naming rights to their baby like he or she is a sports stadium. One example cited by The New York Times featured a Chicago couple mulling over whether to take an offer of $10,000 from the man's grandparents to give their child the traditional family name of Frank rather than their choice of Max. The couple decided to stick with Max despite the offer.

Is there any offer you would take to allow someone else to name your child?

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