How to have the best vacation ever, according to kids

/ Source: TODAY

For most parents, summer means finding ways to entertain the kiddos while they're off school. Between shuffling them off to camp and entertaining tons of little friends, the fun never ends!

Summer can also mean the whole family is finally together long enough to squeeze in a good old-fashioned family vacation. Whether you're planning a whirlwind tour of Disney World or an outdoorsy camping adventure, we all hope that our kids love the journey just as much as we do.

The good news is they love it! Even the most modest vacations seem magical to their fresh eyes, and their dream vacations left us chuckling.

Minnesota was mentioned and Delaware was considered a real hot spot.

Getting there can sometimes be the best part. Whether you're rocking out to music in the car or checking out the clouds from a plane window, there's plenty to do when you're on your way to somewhere fun!

When it comes to travel tips, these kiddos named some must-haves for any vacation: stuffed animals, a good book, and of course beef jerky.

The key to any good vacation...beef jerky. TODAY

Their best advice is all about having fun.

"Just have fun in the car. Have fun on the plane. Have fun wherever you are, because that's like, the best part."

What a great reminder for all us grown-ups to relax and enjoy the time together — happy summer!