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How this family preserved 25 years of Christmas magic

A family that shot video of every Christmas morning for 25 years has continued the tradition even as the children now have children of their own.
/ Source: TODAY

Christmas is a time that can transport many adults back to when they were kids feeling the excitement of coming down the stairs and seeing what Santa left under the tree.

Nick Confalone and his sister, Tricia, are in their thirties now, but thanks to their father, they can instantly relive 25 years' worth of that Christmas euphoria. The Confalones are all of us on Christmas morning as they bound down the stairs giggling and smiling to see what they got.

From 1985-2009, Pat Confalone shot video of his two children coming down the stairs on Christmas morning, which Nick edited together in 2010 to create 25 years of Christmas magic as a present for Pat.

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"When I made that video, I understood the effect I wanted to create on an intellectual level, but I have two kids of my own now, so seeing it now hits me in a whole new way,'' Nick told TODAY. "I'm glad that other people connect to it - that we all have this shared experience that life goes by too fast."

Nick initially made a 30-minute version without music that the family watched on Christmas six years ago. Then he broke out the under-three minute version with Vince Guaraldi's score to "A Charlie Brown Christmas" that has since been viewed nearly three million times.

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"I said, 'You know, I also made this other one...,' and that's when the tears started flowing,'' Nick said. "Condensed into a few minutes, those 25 years become something universal."

Nick is now a Los Angeles-based writer and producer with a 4-year-old son and a 1-year-old daughter, and he has kept up the tradition with his own children, documenting it on Vine. This year, Pat, a retired chemist, will be at Nick's house to shoot the annual video.

"We still take videos on Christmas morning,'' he said. "The family is coming out to my house for the holidays, so no iconic staircase unfortunately."

Just because Nick and Tricia are adults now also doesn't mean they have lost their love for Christmas morning.

"My sister and I are in our thirties now and yes, we still slide down the stairs like 5-year-olds,'' he said.

While the family still takes video every year on Christmas, Nick does not plan to update his original clip.

"It was a Christmas present to my dad and so it kind of exists as a completed thing, even though obviously the tradition continues,'' he said. "We do love seeing warm greetings from all over the world in the comments section. I think the video holds the distinction of being the kindest comment section on the entire internet."

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