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Alyssa Milano on daughter's future: I hope harassment is 'outside her reality'

The #MeToo activist and actress is outspoken about sexual harassment, setting limits and parenting a strong, confident daughter.
/ Source: TODAY

Yes, a few words can change the world.

For proof of that, look no further than actress and activist Alyssa Milano. In October, she posted a call-out, asking women to share stories of sexual harassment, and went to bed. She woke up to the an outpouring of #MeToo hashtags.

She's featured in TIME's Person of the Year alongside Tarana Burke, the founder of the #MeToo movement.

For Milano, it's all deeply personal. She's the mom of daughter Elizabella, 3, and son Milo, 6, with her husband, CAA agent Dave Bugliari.

"My hope is that my daughter sees these videos of us 15 years from now when she’s 18 and thinks, ‘They actually had to fight for this?’ I hope this is so outside the realm of reality for her that it’s hard for her to wrap her head around that this is something her mom had to fight for," she tells TODAY Parents.

But Milano is taking no chances. She's teaching her daughter about self-protection and empowerment.

"I’m very upfront with her. Her body is her body. She has privates that people cannot touch. If anyone tries to hurt her in any capacity, she has to scream and she has to tell a trusted adult. I asked her last week what she does if someone tries to hurt her: ‘I scream no and put on my cape!’ She sleeps in Batman pajamas," says Milano.

For her, as a parent, a major concern is bullying, and to that end, she strives to teach her children empathy and compassion. She surrounds herself with female friends, and is dedicated to showing her daughter that self-love begins on the inside and is a big proponent of team sports to build confidence.

"It’s great for girls to learn that their body is supposed to be strong. It’s about running fast and not being skinny but being strong. And to support other girls in the winning process," says Milano. "I love women. I have my entire life around women. They’re my support system for sure. I love dudes too. I find great comfort and solace in my girlfriends.

She's co-starring in the Netflix dark comedy "Insatiable." And that brings up the question of whether she's now treated differently on set. Not so much. "People who know me are incredibly proud. My husband is beyond protective and proud," says Milano.