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How to age gracefully? Listen to advice from people age 7 to 92

"Find out your babysitter's weakness. Then use it against them."
/ Source: TODAY

If you could travel back in time, what advice would you give to your younger self?

That's the question CBC Radio's WireTap posed to people of all ages in a video posted to its Facebook page and YouTube channel recently.

Titled "How to Age Gracefully," the clip features words of wisdom from people aged 7 to 92. It's fun, silly, heartwarming and even tugs at the heartstrings a bit, perhaps because it's so specific: Their wisdom, for the most part, is meant to be heeded by those one year younger than they are. (This gap widens as ages rise.)

A 53-year-old, for instance, tells the camera, "Dear 51-year-old: One enough cats."

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Meanwhile, a 9-year-old advises 8-year-olds to "find out your babysitter's weakness. Then use it against them."

And 28-year-olds are implored to "back up [their] hard-drive. Now."

But as the more adorable advice-givers slowly gave way to older souls, the video gets a little less funny and a little more sentimental. Our favorite piece of advice came toward the end of the video.

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"Dear 91-year-old," says an elderly man to the camera. "Don't listen to other people's advice. Nobody knows what the hell they're doing. Signed, a 93-year-old."

"Just do your own thing," he continues. "That's the way I see it."