Hottest dad in America: And the winner is...

We’ve all got our opinions about what makes for a “hot” dad. For some, it’s the adorable way he interacts with our kids or the loving way he pampers us. For others, it’s those make-me-weak-in-the-knees baby blues. And then there are those who say it’s all about the bod. (The hot bod.)

iVillage announced the winner of its Hot Dads 2013 Contest on TODAY this morning, and from the category winners, shown below, can you guess which sizzling dad took home the top prize? Go to iVillage for the full results and all the winners. And tell us: What do you think makes a dad hot? Share your thoughts on the TODAY Moms Facebook page.

Hottest Military Dad: Andrew Ungaro

Andrew Ungaro, 37, is a Navy doctor from Portsmouth, VA., where he lives with his wife, Marley, and kids Langley, 14, (in picture) and Grey, 10.

Hottest Dad in His 30s: David Emanuel

David Emanuel, 34, is an entrepreneur in the tech industry. He lives in San Francisco, CA., which his wife Julie and daughter Taylor, 16 months.

Hottest Fireman/Policeman Dad: Jeff Shelton

Jeff Shelton, 37, is a SWAT Sergeant for Los Angeles World Airports. He lives in Van Nuys, CA., with his wife Jaime and boys Nathan, 7, and Dylan, 5.

Hottest Newbie Dad: Brendan Gibson

Brendan Gibson, 38, is a senior software engineer at Netflix. He lives in Los Gatos, CA., with his wife Alexandra and kids Page, 2, and Sienna, 5 weeks.