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See the smiling horse that made this maternity shoot go viral

Buckshot, who loves to be the center of attention, now has a colt following online.
/ Source: TODAY

A horse named Buckshot was the mane event at one Indiana couple’s maternity shoot.

“THIS photo session…I laughed so hard!” Kristen Zaffiro, who took the images, wrote on Facebook. “Who knew when I told THIS horse to smile, he would!”

In the now-viral pictures, a beaming Buckshot poses alongside his owners Amanda Eckstein and Phillip Werner.

Eckstein, who is due next week, isn’t the least bit surprised that 12-year-old Buckshot stole the show.

“Buckshot loves to be the center of attention and being in the midst of everything,” Eckstein, 37, told TODAY Parents. “Like our maternity shoot is all about him. We were trying to get photos with the rest of our horses, and he would keep walking by. He knew what he was doing.”

Eckstein described Buckshot as the “class clown” and said he is notorious for getting into mischief on their farm.

“He’ll open the gates and set the other horses loose,” she laughed. “He thinks it’s funny to bust through fences. He’s constantly doing silly things, like we’ve had horses untied in the middle of the night.”

As for Buckshot's name, it's the one he came with.

"Everyone says it's bad luck to rename a horse, so it just stuck," she explained.

Buckshot the horse stole the show at Amanda Eckstein and Phillip Werner's maternity shoot.
Buckshot the horse stole the show at Amanda Eckstein and Phillip Werner's maternity shoot. Courtesy Kristen Zaffiro

Zaffiro has been inundated with comments since sharing the pictures on her Facebook page.

“The horse is excited it’s getting a baby brother or sister. These are priceless!” one person wrote.

Added another, “Now that’s a horse with personality!”

Though Buckshot is a “good, sweet boy,” Eckstein and Werner will wait a bit before introducing him to their newborn baby.

“He gets a little rowdy sometimes,” Eckstein said. “But at the same time, he loves kids.”

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