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Watch this sweet video of horse making himself at home ... literally

These are some of the stories and videos that made us smile this week.
/ Source: TODAY

Last week, we lost Bob Saget, the man some called "America's favorite dad." This week we lost Meat Loaf, the man who gave us the joyous "Paradise by the Dashboard Light." It has been hard to find reasons to be hopeful or to laugh... but we found a few to brighten your weekend.

This dad's nerdy take on the Tooth Fairy gave the internet joy

When Twitter user @RPG_Volley posted a photo of his scientific lab report for the Tooth Fairy after his daughter lost her tooth, it left the hearts of science nerds swelling with pride.

"I’m not a science guy but I desperately want to impart an interest in science in the kids, so before we render the tooth unto the tooth fairy, we had to take what measurements we could and describe its characteristics," he tweeted.

"This is good parenting," wrote one commenter. "Love that you even got out calipers," wrote another.

Noodle the pug is getting his own children's book!

This summer, every day can be a Bones Day!

Noodle, the 13-year-old pug who became a viral sensation on TikTok when his human, Jonathan Graziano, began posting their daily ritual of waking Noodle up and seeing if he will stand on his own each day, will star in his own picture book debuting in June.

If Noodle stands on his own in the morning, it's declared a "Bones Day," but if he flops over like a wet noodle, it's a "No Bones Day," a sign to give yourself a break and take it easy.

Now, Noodle's message will go out to kids: It's OK to not to feel 100% all the time, and it's OK to take a break when you don't.

Said Graziano in a statement, “These videos have helped bring much-needed joy to so many (myself included), and I hope this book helps to remind anyone who reads it that it’s always okay to take the time to take care of yourself.”

This horse made himself at home... literally

From the "bet you didn't see that coming" files, we really couldn't blame TikTok user Jessica Goss's horse, who decided his paddock just wasn't good enough and decided to take matters into his own... hooves.

@jessica_goss When your horse decides his paddock isn’t good enough and bust through the French doors leading into the master from outside #horse #thatlaugh ♬ original sound - Jessica Goss

But even better than Goss's pushy horse is the laugh of her adorable daughter as he pushes past her!

You too can now own "Bernie mittens!"

It was a year ago this week that Vermont senator Bernie Sanders wore his now-famous large woolen mittens to the Presidential Inauguration and spawned the meme seen round the world.

Vermont teacher Jen Ellis, who made the mittens for her senator, marked the occasion on Twitter.

Ellis also posted some good news: "Bernie Mittens" are now available for purchase through The Vermont Teddy Bear Company!

Each pair is made by hand with 100% upcycled wool sweaters and has its own unique pattern and color story — no two pairs are alike — and are one size fits all.

Now we can all cross our arms and look annoyed just like Bernie! Think of the Halloween costume possibilities!

Yes, dogs hugging are just as comforting as you imagine

Australian dog owner Kieran Lehane trained trained their golden retrievers Kylo and Vader to "hug" — and yes, the pictures are worth at least a few weighted blankets.

“I would love to increase all the positivity and just the pure joy that Kylo and Vader and goldens and dogs tend to bring to people, especially during hard times," Lehane said.

It's working!

Wait for the 'W'

Just trust us on this one.

@meldgrimes My new favorite letter is W 🥺😆 #toddler #ABCs #@dustingrimes4 ♬ a thousand years (lullaby) - christina perri

Have a great weekend!