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Jessica Alba confesses her hilarious 'bad parenting' habit

'Mo-ooom, where's my jacket/shoes/backpack/toothbrush?' Jessica Alba has the perfect answer.
/ Source: TODAY

Jessica Alba is an actress and a businesswoman whose Honest Company is worth nearly $2 billion.

She's also a mom of three, which means she says things in her everyday life that you might not hear in a boardroom.

"I have this terrible habit: Whenever my kids ask me to find something, they're like, 'Mom, where's my ...' you know, backpack, toothbrush, whatever. And I just say, 'Up your butt,' and that's probably bad parenting," she told InStyle for its July cover story. "But they got to an age where I'm like, 'That's where it is: It's up your butt.'"

Well, of course. It's always in the last place you'd look, after all.

Alba and husband Cash Warren have three children, Honor, 9; Haven, 6; and Hayes, 5 months.

The fact is, like all of us, Alba wants to set a good example for her kids. "I want my kids to see me push outside my comfort zone," she told the magazine. "And sometimes that means making mistakes and admitting them, which is especially hard in front of your kids."

Aging has helped when it comes to self-acceptance. At 37, she now wonders, "Why did I care so much? That's something I really appreciate now that I'm getting older. I give so little f---s, so little. All that matters is to be happy and live your life."

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