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This viral song nails why adulting when you're a parent is so...hilarious

"We're sleepy at 8:30 and we water our backyard. Yeah, we are adulting so hard!"
/ Source: TODAY

Adulting is hard, but it can also be a lot of fun. Just ask Penn and Kim Holderness of the Holderness Family, who recently made a hilarious video about how they're adulting ... and killing it.

"I cleaned between my toes in the shower. She sat in carpool for an hour. I put a bill in an envelope. She sliced up a whole cantaloupe," Penn sings in the original song.

The 40-something duo celebrates grown-up things like 401Ks, flossing and having a good nighttime skincare routine.

They're quick to remember those nights when they went out late and suffered no hangovers, trading those days for the excitement of hiring a professional couch-cleaning company and buying new kitchen appliances.

"We've just noticed lately that we're getting really excited about the most mundane things," Penn told TODAY Parents. "I actually called Kim last week to tell her I made my own dentist appointment and last night I felt like mentioning to her that I've finally figured out the perfect food ratio in a peanut butter sandwich. Like, I thought she would be interested in that."

"I keep getting into situations and I look around the room for the grown-up to make the decision or do the work, and it turns out I’m the adult now," Kim added. "Almost daily I think, 'Do they realize I have no idea what I’m doing?'"

The video is approaching 3 million views on Facebook, so it's clear the North Carolina couple is not alone.

"Instead of FOMO — fear of missing out — we have FOMS — fear of missing sleep," said Kim. "Kim from 20 years ago would also be horrified at my obsession with closet organization."