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Viral video family nails the reality of kids' 'Halloween hangover'

Hangovers for kids? We'll let the Holderness family explain.
The Holderness family's 'Halloween Hangover' is how we are all feeling.
The Holderness family's 'Halloween Hangover' is how we are all feeling.Courtesy The Holderness Family
/ Source: TODAY

If you're dragging today, you're not alone.

Kim and Penn Holderness know a thing or two about kids. And hangovers. So this year, they decided to make their own tune about the post-holiday slump the Monday after Halloween that encapsulates how we are all feeling.

"This Halloween hangover is making it so hard, you have to pick him up and try to shove him in the car," Penn sings while Kim is shown trying to unsuccessfully get their son dressed and ready for school. "It happens every year, every single kid has a Halloween hangover from the last day of October.

This year, the holiday fell on a Sunday.

"It's the worst Monday of school you’ve ever had," Penn continues in the song. "They are acting like swamp creatures, they’re going to terrorize their teachers."

And speaking of teachers, they aren't safe, either.

"Meanwhile the teachers are stuck with our tots, even though last night they had a couple Jello shots," Penn sings while donning a bathrobe amongst Halloween yard decorations.

Kim Holderness has strong feelings on the topic.

"Any Halloween school night should be outlawed," the mom of two told TODAY Parents. "Kids are going to be out until really late, eat pillow cases full of candy, and these poor teachers are going to have to deal with them on Monday."

Kim told TODAY that Halloween should just be the last Saturday in October. Husband, Penn, agreed, which is what prompted the laughter-inducing jingle that feels all-too-relatable.

"For the kids, it’s something they don’t normally experience. They don’t stay out that late, they don’t eat that much sugar," Penn said, adding Halloween is also an opportunity for parents and teachers to loosen up and enjoy the fun. "And we all have to wake up and (function) the next morning."

The couple who brought us “Christmas Jammies" also shared some exciting news now that Halloween is in the rearview mirror.

"We are actually making Christmas jammies this year," Kim told TODAY. "You can pre-order soon."