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This Eminem parody shows the real struggle of bundling kids up for snow

"Put on your shoes yourself and your coat, man. You know how it goes, man, put your arms into the hole."
/ Source: TODAY Contributor

This story was originally published on January 9, 2017. We've updated it because we think it's delightful.

Winter weather brings an inevitable parenting frustration: getting the kids bundled up to stay warm outdoors.

The Holderness family is showing the very real struggle of keeping coats on children in their latest parody — a snow day version of the Eminem hit "Lose Yourself."

In the video, parents Penn and Kim Holderness bundle up in hats, coats and scarves while they chase son Penn Charles around, begging him to dress warmly. But, like most kids, Penn Charles refuses to comply — running around their snowy yard wearing shorts and a t-shirt.

"Explain to me how a pair of shorts and a tee keep him warm when out the door it's only 23," Penn raps in the parody, later researching just how much kids need to be bundled up and learning that because they move faster than adults, it may be possible for them to truly not need those extra layers.

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Still, like all parents, Penn and Kim can't help but be frustrated with their kids' desire to wear as few articles of clothing as possible in freezing temperatures. And, the couple is joined by families from Colorado to Minnesota, all of whom submitted their own videos of their struggle to get their kids bundled up.

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"Put on your shoes yourself, and your coat, man. You know how it goes, man, put your arms into the hole," Penn sings. "We only got one glove — too late — got to go we know your teacher's gonna look at you and judge us."